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Current Lunar Phase -> Lunar Phase <- Courtesy of: U.S.N.O.
http://www.sec.noaa.gov/pmap/pmapN.html     http://www.sec.noaa.gov/pmap/pmapS.html
ACE RTSW (Estimated) MAG & SWEPAM 2hr ACE RTSW (Estimated) MAG 2hr GOES Xray Flux Kiruna All-Sky Cam
ACE RTSW (Estimated) MAG & SWEPAM 6hr ACE RTSW (Estimated) MAG 6hr GOES Electron Flux Latest Aurora Web Cam Photo
ACE RTSW (Estimated) MAG & SWEPAM 24hr ACE RTSW (Estimated) MAG 24hr Planetary K Index Poker Flat All-Sky Cam
Graphics and data provided here are courtesy of their respective sources BZ may be 20-60 minutes in advance of impact This page refreshes every 60 seconds