www.PhotosByThad.com has evolved greatly since it came to life with the new millennium. With few exceptions, this web site continues to offer unique photography of scenes and events that exist in the nocturnal realm between sunset and sunrise. This domain is supported by the hope that the images displayed here inspire your sense of wonder about the celestial workings of our little corner of the universe.

On-going monthly traffic reports show that this site is visited by individuals from dozens of countries around the world*, a number of whom arrive here directly - not just through web page links or search engines. Some visitors to www.PhotosByThad.com even return from time to time to see what's new. This is very encouraging.

Some technical information about EBAC:
This original web site is hand-coded using a simple text editor - no special development software was used. JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets are employed throughout, allowing for easier maintenance, consistent functionality, and a simple visual design that's common from page to page. Please note that your browser settings should allow JavaScript to run, especially if you want to click on the smaller images herein and see their larger versions (or other special features).

Most visitors to this site use screen resolutions of 1024x768, followed by those set at 800x600. Either of these settings will work fine but resolutions of 1024x768 (or higher) will provide a more pleasing viewing experience. A color depth of at least 24-bit is also recommended. 32-bit, or higher, is best. A properly calibrated computer monitor will display photos as they were originally intended to be seen. At the very least, your monitor's brightness and contrast should be correctly adjusted.

www.PhotosByThad.com is tested for visual appearance and functionality on various computers using Windows XP and recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera.

(* Flags shown here represent actual international visits from the year 2005, in order of most to least visits. Flag icons are courtesy of clickfire.com)

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